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Sloans Wedding

Non Traditional, Happily Crazy & Funky Wedding at Sloans | Glasgow Wedding Photographer

A crazy groom and bridal party are walking together on the back of Sloans restaurant

From the initial email Claire & Sean sent me more than a year ago I knew this wedding will be a belter!

This pair of rockstars tied the knot at the opulent and unusual Sloan’s Bar & Restaurant wedding venue in the heart of Glasgow city and what a cracking & happily crazy day it was!!

The ceremony was a totally relaxed humanist service at the Grand Ballroom - a stunning space featuring a magnificent vaulted ceiling, period marble fireplace and intricate stained-glass windows, celebrated with a happy Mexican hugs tradition during the ceremony service. The reception was held on the first floor at the cocktail bar at Sloans, and it was an alternative & funky happy celebration with the total crazy amount of laughs & tequilas. The bridal & groom’s crowd splashed the amount of crazy happiness and celebrated day with no limits! They had a drinks reception in the afternoon and a live band (Brass, Aye? You if you plan a real party on your wedding day, you must check these guys. They are FANTASTIC!) in the evening, and they finished off the night with everyone having so much fun as you could ever imagine.

P.S. Needless to say that Claire & Sean’s furry love - Alfie the dog was joining their big day and he brought so much love and happiness to everyone.

Congratulations once again and thank you for having me to celebrate your very special day!

If you’re planning an alternative, relaxed & fun Sloan’s urban city wedding, please don’t hesitate to get in touch! I would love to hear all about your wedding plans.

Claire & Sean’s amazing wedding team:

Wedding venue: Sloan’s Bar & Restaurant // Bride’s dress: Rowanjoy Bridal // Jacket: Vintage Levi // Keds: Kate Spade // Flowers: DIY, made by the bride Claire // Make up: Laurie Wendy // Hair styling: The Regent Corner // Groom’s outfit: suit from Slaters // Bridesmaids dresses: Biba & ASOS // Celebrant: Irene Edgar // Cake: M&S cheese tower // Music: DJ - Buckfast Supernova // Evening band: Brass, Aye? // Cars: Waterside Bus Company // Photo Booth: Foxy photo booth company // Donuts: McGhee’s bakery

A dog Alfie in his wedding outfit
DIY wedding bouquet + mint wedding dress made by Rowan Joy Bridal
Bridesmaids alternative dresses are hanging outside of the bride’s house and close up bridal bouquet
An emotional moment between bridesmaids and the bride
The bridal party is having a fun during the bridal preparation
You can’t sip with us. Alternative bridesmaids presents from the bride.
Wedding photographer at Sloans, Glasgow
Bridal party meets with the groom party
The black & white couple relaxed portrait
The wedding party on the way to Sloans
Granny with the groom are on the way to the wedding bus
All parties are on the way to Sloans by bus
The best wedding photographer in Scotland
Golden candles decor at Sloans
The groom is waiting for the bride at the ceremony room at Sloans
The bride is walking the aisle with her brother at Sloans
A relaxed wedding ceremony at Sloans
A Mexican hugs wedding tradition on a wedding ceremony at Sloans
A Mexican hugs ceremony at Sloans
Bridesmaids at the relaxed wedding ceremony at Sloans
The bride is crazy laughing at the wedding ceremony at Sloans
The couple is laughing during the wedding ceremony at Sloans
The best Sloans Glasgow wedding photographers
The bride is putting the wedding ring on groom’s fingers
The first fun kiss as a husband and wife at an alternative wedding venue - Sloans
A happy married vibes with all family and friends at Sloans
A happy cuddle at non traditional alternative wedding ceremony at Sloans
The family member is sipping the alcohol during the wedding ceremony at alternative Sloans
The groom is sipping whisky during the signing register
The happy exit as a husband and wife
A non traditional and happy exit as a husband and wife
The guest is congratulate the bride
Non traditional, fun and relaxed family formals shot
Groom is having a fun with his family during formals shoots at Sloans
A fun, relaxed and alternative photo with the bridal party at Sloans
A crazy bridal party on their bridal formals photos at Sloan’s
The bride and her girls are having fun during the wedding photos at Sloans
The crazy groom’s party at Sloans
Groom with his brother at Sloans
An alternative Sloans wedding photographer_1004.jpg
Close up shot of the alternative wedding groom’s shoes and bride’s keds
Couple portrait with their dog Alfie at Sloans
Close up kissing couple portrait with the dog Alfie between them
Alternative wedding photographers at Sloans
Natural and relaxed shot of the newlyweds are coming upstairs at Sloans
A reflection couple portrait at the mirror, Sloans wedding photographer
The couple shot on the escape fire exit at Sloans
The newlyweds on the fire escape stairs at Sloans
An alternative and creative table decor at Sloans
Alternative, relaxed and creative wedding at Sloans
Creative table signs of Hubby and Wifey at alternative wedding venue
Candid photo of the bride and her husband’s granny
The guests and family during the wedding speeches at Sloans
The bride is making the cheers during the speeches at Sloan’s
The bride is cuddling her brother after speeches
The bridesmaid is crying during the wedding speeches
Mother of the bride is holding her hand during the speeches sentimental moment at Sloans
The brother of the groom is giving a speech at Sloans
Alternative Scottish wedding photographer in Scotland
Glasgow wedding photographers
Evening couple shoot at Sloan’s
The evening couple shoot at jewellery arcade Sloan’s in Glasgow
A wedding dress splash during the movement
The stunning wedding cheese cake at Sloan’s
Golden band Aye, brass? at wedding party at Sloan’s
A wild evening wedding party at Sloan’s in Glasgow
The funky wedding party at Sloan’s
Aye, Brass? wedding band at Sloan’s in Glasgow
An alternative Sloans wedding photographer_2371.jpg
An alternative Sloans wedding photographer_2359.jpg
Evening wedding party at Sloan’s
Alternative Glasgow wedding and elopement photographer